For the 1st PLURAL FUTURES we were joined Hannah Davey and Mel Evans from Greenpeace. They gave a talk introducing Greenpeace’s approach to creating actions and shared some examples of the campaigns they have organised.

The set a workshop for the participants to develop an action to raise awareness of the levels of pollution in UK cities.

The participants were asked to set the criteria for what a good action should be and then given a series of prompts and constraints to help develop their ideas.

The were then pitched to the group. Ideas included an pokemon go style app that let you see the levels of pollution and catch them, a kinetic lung performance for cars, a give away campaign of perri-air, a roundabout take over organised through mum’s net and an orchestrated coughing fit.

Ca-cough-any was then further developed with GREENPEACE and received some funding from the SU initiative fund.img_9942

It presented as part of the UAL GreenWeek launch night.




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